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Purchase Policies

Generalities: Almagor Inc acts exclusively as a ticket distributor and merchandise store for the events listed on its official website The company does not assume any responsibility for the content, quality, schedule changes or any other aspect related to the events and shows offered.

Seat Selection: Events with seat selection, Almagor Inc will show you the best seats available at the time of your purchase, based on the selected price category.

Payment Authorization: The successful completion of your purchase is conditional on the authorization of payment by the issuing entity of your credit card and the verification of the information provided to your bank.

User Responsibility: Almagor Inc is not responsible for loss, misplacement, theft, destruction, damage, or any other detriment suffered by the tickets and merch once delivered to the user. Therefore, the user assumes full responsibility for the tickets and merch.

Changes and Returns: Once the purchase is made, no changes, refunds or cancellations of tickets and merch will be allowed. In the event of any event cancellation, please contact to the organizer company of the event for any refunds, any service and shipping charges are non-refundable.

Additional Charges: Each ticket and merch purchased on the official Almagor Inc site is subject to an additional service charge to the ticket and merch price, as well as a shipping charge.

Ticket Delivery: Unless otherwise indicated, purchased tickets are downloaded via email only.

Merch Delivery: Unless otherwise indicated, purchased merch are shipping via mail and, if physical, any delivery point authorized by Almagor Inc.

Customer Support: For any questions, contact Almagor Inc customer service at this number +1 (510) 556-4084, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Pacific Time) or email at

Acceptance of Terms: By using the Almagor Inc electronic purchasing system, I as a user: (i) declare that I have full legal capacity to bind myself under these terms and conditions. (ii) I affirm that I have carefully read all the terms and conditions of use, including the terms of purchase, privacy, and use of the system. (iii) I fully accept all the terms and conditions of service offered by Almagor, both on the website and on the tickets issued by our system.

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